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How to choose your drapery style!

With tab curtains, you can create looks that range from country to colonial to contemporary. With tailored curtains, your look can be anything from country to traditional to formal. With a combination of top treatments and curtains, sheers or laces, an up-to-date feeling is easy to have. The most important thing is to design to please yourself!

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Selecting colors for your drapes

Use as much or as little color as you feel comfortable with. Solid colors or prints are refreshing and draw attention to the window. Soft, neutral colors can complement the colors in your carpeting, furniture, or wallpaper. If the window is interesting architecturally, you may want to emphasize that feature through color selection. Don’t hesitate to experiment with mixing naturals and whites, or prints, stripes and solids. Warm shades of reds and yellows will add life to a room. Cool colors – Blues or whites – Or earth tones like greens and browns – Are restful. Work toward harmony and complementarily in color selection. For help with choosing a color or a fabric.

Please call us or drop us a note. We’ll discuss your project with you, and we’ll send you some free fabric swatches. You might even want to order a half yard of material that appeals to you. Place it at your window,step back or even across the room – See how distance influences the appearance of the print, pattern or color – Notice how the color and texture captures the mood in your room. Also, observe the mood and effect created by the fabric in the daylight, and how it changes at night illuminated by the lamps in your room. Choose the fabric or color that passes the “feels right” test under these different conditions. Choosing a color scheme and don’t know where to start? Collect pictures of interiors from magazines, fabric swatches, wallpaper / paint swatches and any other sources of inspiration as a starting point to creating the look you want.

Lachina Drapery & Blind Factory offers a free sample service. Browse the Collections and select the colors and designs of your choice.

Choose a patterned fabric as a feature for the room and pick out colors from the design to use in different areas such as the walls, floors, upholstery or accessories. Remember to use varying depths of plain colors.

Mix and match patterned fabrics with plains. Use the patterned fabric as a feature in the room and mix with plain fabrics which pick out the colors in the feature fabric.

Mixing Patterns Use a variety of patterned fabrics which share the same color palette. Try to limit your choice to 3 patterned fabrics to prevent the scheme from looking too busy. Keep larger areas of color in paler shades and introduce the stronger colors with accessories such as cushions, vases, flowers etc.

Choose two slightly different colored wallpapers in the same design. Apply to the wall in alternate horizontal stripes for a dramatic contemporary effect.

Think about size! Paler color schemes will make rooms feel light and airy and will give an illusion of added space. Make a high-ceilinged room seem much cozier by decorating in rich warm colors.

Finishing touches – mount objects into simple frames to echo the color scheme of the room.

Boldly patterned fabrics don’t need elaborate draperies styles – keep them simple such as pencil pleat or tab top.

Add interest to plain curtains by choosing a more detailed drape heading such as pinch pleat.

Make a feature of large windows by dressing with more elaborate draperies styles.

Finishing touches – echo a room’s color scheme with vases of fresh flowers in the same colors.

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